On Stage GS7462DB Professional A-Frame Double Guitar Stand


765 ฿ 850 ฿

Our GS7462DB Professional A-Frame Double Guitar Stand holds two guitars in a compact footprint. The main yoke is stepped to form two sections that can securely hold the depth of an electric, acoustic, or bass guitar. Plus, it's strong enough to hold the weight of desktop mixers and combo amps. There is also an extra yoke for holding a second (electric) guitar—no need for an additional guitar stand. The tilt-back stance keeps the guitars from tipping forward or falling. A wide, splayed base and nonslip feet provide stability and balance for dependable instrument support. Padding on the yoke and backrest protects the guitar finishes. Conveniently, there are no parts to keep track of due to its one-piece construction. For efficient storage and transportation, the stand folds flat and multiple stands can nest together.


  • Versatile stepped yoke fits any type of guitar including acoustic, electric, and bass

  • Additional rear yoke holds a second electric guitar

  • Heavy-duty tubing will not bend or fatigue under normal use to reliably hold your instrument

  • Padding on the contact points protects guitars from scratches


  • Application: Holds 2 guitars
  • Padding: EVA rubber
  • Tubing: 1" x 1" Square
  • Tilt Angle: 10 Degrees
  • Color Black

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