Fender Picks Final Fantasy XIV Crystal Shards

SKU: F098-0351-018

1,600 ฿

"FINAL FANTASY XIV CRYSTAL SHARDS" is a special limited model pick jointly developed by Fender and the "FINAL FANTASY XIV" team as a special project for the 75th anniversary of Fender's founding. This pick, which has a crystal motif that can be said to be the symbol of "FINAL FANTASY XIV", was designed by Fender under the supervision of the "FINAL FANTASY XIV" team. "FINAL FANTASY XIV" A pick with many attractive elements for both players and guitarists.

For the pick shape, we adopted a three-dimensional shape to reproduce the "crystal". By applying a crystal cut to the edge of the pick and the center of the back, it is designed to faithfully reproduce the world view of "FINAL FANTASY XIV" that collects light and shines. In addition, the cut in the center of the back side is a dent, which also contributes to the grip feeling when the thumb is applied. As an overall design, a maximum thickness of 3.7 mm is three-dimensionally tapered toward the tip to maintain high playing performance and unique acoustic characteristics with a sense of mass.

Polycarbonate with high transparency is adopted as the material in order to transmit more light and increase the brightness. From hard and thick picks, it is possible to produce beautiful sounds that can be called "crystal" clear.

This pick is a set of 5 colors inspired by "FINAL FANTASY XIV".

Like the pick itself, the vanity case completed in collaboration with the "FINAL FANTASY XIV" team is a beautiful package that becomes one of the collections by itself.

This product is all manufactured in Japan and offered in limited quantities.


  • Produce a brilliant crystal by adopting a multi-faceted cut on the outer circumference of the pick
  • A similar crystal cut is used in the center of the back
  • Adopts a three-dimensional taper toward the tip
  • High transparency that allows more light to pass through
  • Adopts glitter that reflects the captured light inside
  • Excellent acoustic characteristics that provide a crystal clear sound
  • All 5 colors that inherit the world view of "FINAL FANTASY XIV"
  • New Eorzea / Blue Sky Ishgard / Guren Liberator / Jet Black Villas / Akatsuki Finale

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