KickPort FX Series "Snare Drum" Sound Enhancer


640 ฿ 800 ฿

KickPort’s designs have become an industry standard for natural acoustical enhancement of drums and percussion instruments in all genres of music.

The FX Series Ports allow the true, clear sound of the drum to come through for the performer, microphone, and the audience, without adding additional dampening materials, adhesives, or taping to the drum head. Why muffle your drums? Release your true sound!

• Fits a 12" to 15" snare drum hole
• Compatible with all drum microphones
• Delivers a more natural dynamic and responsive tone
• Gives you more low end, tone and punch
• Get more punch with any brand of drums or drumheads
• Easily installs in minutes
• Improves isolation with less need for processing
• Reusable
• 1 inch in diameter

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