Fender Hama Okamoto Signature Strap

SKU: F099-0649-007

1,800 ฿ 2,000 ฿


The new strap "VINTAGE MODIFIED MONOGRAMMED STRAP" supervised by OKAMOTO'S Hama Okamoto, which was announced last year and received a lot of attention, is now available as a signature model.

Like the previous work, the vintage monogram strap has been supervised by Hama Okamoto and updated to the modern version. While keeping the basic specifications from the popular previous work, new colors of pink (BK / WH / PK) and tropical (WH / YW / PK / BL / GR) have been announced this time. Pink is a coloring that matches the shell pink and black that are the body colors of Hama's new signature model "Hama Okamoto Fender® Katana Bass", which will also be announced this year. Tropical is a pop design with vivid colors such as green and yellow based on white from Hama's idea.

With a width of 55 mm, a stable fit is obtained, and the length can be adjusted in the range of 71 cm to 127 cm. In addition to setting the conventional instrument playing position, for players who want to set the playing position high, the specifications are such that the shortest length can be made as short as possible.

The end leather is made of two layers of black / brown cowhide and crimped to make it durable for repeated use, and the adjuster is made of non-slip plastic while matching the color scheme of the strap fabric. It is a discerning model with careful consideration in terms of practical use and design, such as coloring.

This product will be offered in a limited quantity.


  • Signature strap supervised by OKAMOTO'S Hama Okamoto
  • Updated vintage monogram strap to modern version
  • New colors of pink (BK / WH / PK ) and tropical ( WH / YW / PK / BL / GR )
  • Hama Okamoto Signature Base "Hama Okamoto Fender® Katana Bass" coloring that matches the body color
  • Adjustable width 55mm, length 71cm-127cm
  • Double-layered black / brown cowhide and crimped strap end
  • Non-slip plastic adjuster
  • Limited quantity

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