Fender Limited Edition Blues Junior IV Sonic Blue

SKU: F223-1506-963

25,200 ฿ 28,000 ฿


One of the most-beloved small combo amps in the world, the Fender Blues Junior IV 15W 1x12 tube guitar combo amp adds modified preamp circuitry, smoother-sounding spring reverb and improved aesthetics that any player is sure to appreciate. A 15-watt favorite in any setting, this amp is ideal for guitarists who need to hit the stage or studio at a moment's notice with warm tone and versatile features. Now available with a limited-edition Sonic Blue covering, Black/Silver/Blue grille cloth and Cannabis Rex speaker, this collectible amplifier is sure to add some slick style to your stage presence.


    • Power: 15W (tube)
    • Tubes: three 12AX7 (preamp); two EL84 (power amp)
    • Speaker: 1x12” Eminence Cannabis Rex
    • Effects: Spring reverb
    • 1-button footswitch included

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