Vox AC10C1 Rich Blue

SKU: 002-11092-RB

18,000 ฿ 20,000 ฿

The Vox AC10C1 Rich Blue is a limited edition version of the hugely popular AC10C1 guitar amplifier. Featuring a Rich Blue vinyl covering and classic diamond grille cloth, vent grill and handle complete the look of this eye-catching amp.


  • 10-Watts of valve power and tone.
  • Gain and Volume controls allow for the right amount of overdrive at different volume levels.
  • Bass and Treble tone controls
  • Studio quality reverb.
  • A full valve complement of 2 × 12AX7 preamp values and 2 × EL84 power valves.
  • Superior tone from a 1 × 10-inch Celestion VX10 speaker
  • A jack connector for attaching an external speaker
  • Lightweight and portable

The AC10C1 is equipped to produce that perfect Vox ‘chimey’ tone. With the gain control set low, you get a rich warm clean sound. Add in some more gain and it soon starts to venture into a creamy overdrive territory that Vox are so well known for.

The original 1960s AC10 featured a single tone control, but we have added more control on the AC10C1 with a Bass and Treble circuit that adds different and versatile tone setup and enhances the various levels of gain.

A welcome addition to any amp of this size is reverb and we painstaking designed the AC10C1’s reverb to sound just right, adding tonal ambience without being overwhelming which is all too often the case with many other amps.

On the back panel, you will also find an extension speaker jack. This lets you connect up to another 16-ohm guitar cab, effectively turning the AC10C1 into an all-valve 10-watt head.

With its small format but big sound, the AC10C1 will be at home anywhere. Whether practising at home, jamming with friends, small gigs or recording, the AC10C1 is the perfect choice. You just plug in and sound great!



10 Watts RMS


1 x 10″ Celestion VX10


1 x Normal Input Jack


1 x External Speaker Jack


Volume, Gain, Bass, Treble, Reverb


2 x 12AX7
2 x EL84


520 x 210 x 410 mm | 20.47 x 8.27 x 16.14 inches
12.3 kg | 27.12 lbs


Specifications and features are subject to change without notice.

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