Gibson Burstbucker Pro (Double Black, Nickel Cover, 2-Conductor, Potted, Alnico 5, 8.3K)


4,680 ฿ 5,200 ฿

Fatter, meatier tone with more drive and attack. The Burstbucker™ Pro humbucker™ enhances the vintage "edge" of Gibson's popular Burstbucker pickups with the added feature of an Alnico 5 magnet. The Burstbucker Pro's characteristic sweet harmonic complexity and crystalline clarity derive from its slightly unbalanced coil windings. Alnico 5 magnets are used in place of the traditional Alnico 2, yielding a fatter, meatier tone with more drive and attack, providing classic Gibson Patent Applied For tone with a hint of attitude. Wax potting keeps things quiet even with a high-gain rig.

  • Position: Bridge

  • Magnet: Alnico 5

  • Wiring: 2-Conductor

  • Cover: Nickel

  • Double Black Bobbins

  • Wax Potted

  • Average DC Resistance: 8.3K

  • Details: Enhanced Patent Applied For tone with more bite and brilliance.

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