HeadRush FRFR-112 MKII


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HeadRush FRFR-112® MKII

The Powerful Full-Range Flat-Response Cabinet for Guitarists and Bassists – With Bluetooth®

Introducing FRFR-112® MKII

HeadRush FRFR-112 MKII is a powerful 2500-watt full-range flat-response guitar cabinet with Bluetooth®, 12” speaker, HF compression driver, two combo XLR + 1/4” inputs and XLR output.

FRFR-112® MKII Features

  • Powerful, Professional Sound - 2500 watts of peak power ensures you have enough headroom for almost any live performance or rehearsal
  • Precision-Tuned for Amp Modelers - The cabinet design, 12” woofer, and HF compression driver are specially voiced for accurate, linear delivery of amplifier and cabinet emulations
  • Bluetooth® Enabled - Stream music wirelessly from your mobile device into FRFR-112 MKII’s dedicated Bluetooth® channel
  • All the Connectivity You Need - Two combo XLR + 1/4" inputs with independent volume controls and an XLR direct output allow for chaining speakers or sending to a front-of-house mix
  • Quickly Adapts to Venues and Rooms - FRFR-112 MKII has a ground lift switch for eliminating noise issues caused by ground loops and a HPF EQ switch to help cut through muddy stage mixes
  • Lightweight, Flexible and Sturdy - Weighing just 34.7lbs / 15.7kg, FRFR-112 MKII is rugged yet easy to transport and can be used in a wedge, upright, or pole-mounted position

    ตู้ลำโพง HeadRush FRFR-112 MKII

    Perfect Partner for Amp Modelers

    If you’re new to FRFR amplifiers FRFR stands for “full-range flat-response.” This special type of amplification is very important for amp modeling pedals and pedalboards, as your amplifier needs to sound pure and transparent, so it can deliver a true “amp in the room” sound without coloring it as a traditional guitar amp would. The FRFR-112 MKII is precision-designed to get the most out of your modeler and deliver all the intricacies of your amp and cab emulations, with enough volume to be ready for any stage, rehearsal or jam session.

    Pure and Powerful Tone

    Pure and Powerful Tone

    FRFR-112 MKII outputs a massive 2500 watts, which means you have enough headroom for almost any performance or rehearsal. Featuring a specially voiced 12-inch woofer and high-frequency compression driver, the FRFR-112 delivers a precise, full response across the entire frequency range, without any artificial coloration—which is critical to getting the most out of your amp modeler. The FRFR-112 MKII’s performance is exceptional, with max 131dB SPL and 46-22kHz frequency range.

    All the Connections You Need - including Bluetooth®

    All the Connections You Need - including Bluetooth®

    FRFR-112 MKII features two combo XLR + 1/4" combo inputs for connecting your amp modeling pedal or pedalboard, each with their own independent volume controls. You can also wirelessly connect a mobile device to the FRFR-112 MKII via Bluetooth, so you can stream music wirelessly at rehearsal or during set breaks. There is also an XLR output for chaining more than one speaker together or sending the signal from your FRFR out to a front of house mix.

    FRFR108 MkII on stage

    Adapts to Any Stage or Room

    Stages and rehearsal rooms can easily become dense and muddy sounding as lower frequencies from different instruments battle each other; FRFR-112 MKII has a HPF cut switch to quickly pull those troublesome frequencies out and make sure your tone sits perfect in the mix. Unwanted electrical noise can also be a common problem; FRFR-112 MKII’s ground lift switch can eliminate hums and buzzes resulting from ground loops.

    Road-Ready Lightweight Design

    Road-Ready Lightweight Design

    FRFR-112 MKII is rugged yet relatively lightweight and easy to transport (at 35lbs / 15.8kg) making one trip load-ins at the gig or rehearsal space easier than ever. While you can use FRFR-112 MKII in its intended wedge position, its versatile design means that it can also be used in an upright or pole-mounted position, making it easier to direct your sound wherever you need it, which is especially helpful at outdoor gigs or other places where PA backline is limited.


    Output Power

    • 2500 W


    • Low-Frequency: 12.0” (305 mm) driver, 2.5” (63 mm) high-temperature voice coil.
    • High-Frequency: 1.0” (25 mm) exit ceramic driver with 1.4” (35 mm) coil.

    Crossover Frequency

    • 2 kHz

    Maximum SPL

    • 132 dB (peak) dB-SPL @ 1 m

    Frequency Response

    • 53 Hz – 20 kHz (+/-3 dB)

    Frequency Range

    • 44 Hz – 20 kHz (-10 dB)

    Horn Coverage

    • 90° horizontal x 60° vertical (nominal)


    • (2) XLR+1/4” (6.35 mm) TRS combo inputs (Balanced)
    • (1) XLR output (Link)
    • (1) IEC power cable input

    Input Impedance

    • Line: 10 KΩ balanced, 20 KΩ unbalanced

    Gain/Volume Control Range

    • -∞ to 0 dB, +4 dBu nominal, +10 dBu for max output

    HPF Switch

    • 100 Hz


    • Version: 5.0
    • Profile: A2DP, AVRCP
    • Codec: SBC
    • Range: up to 100 feet (30.5m)


    • Connection: IEC
    • Input Voltage: 100-120V, 50/60 Hz; 220-240V, 50/60 Hz
    • Consumption: 1100W
    • Fuse: T15AL AC250V; 220-240V T6.3AL AC250V


    • Electronic clip, thermal, and transducer overdrive protection


    • Standard 36 mm pole socket

    Operating Temperature

    • 14°F to 113°F (-10°C to 45°C)


    • 13.9” x 13.8” x 23.9”
    • 351 mm x 354 mm x 607 mm


    • 34.7 lbs.
    • 15.7 kg

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