Kramer "Eruption" (Double Black, Treble, 4-conductor, Potted, 15k, Alnico 5)


4,050 ฿ 4,500 ฿

Developed by Master Luthier Jim DeCola and based on his groundbreaking pickup designs for legendary Kramer artists, the Kramer Eruption is a high-output humbucker™ pickup with all of the Made to Rock Hard tone and attitude you expect from Kramer. They feature Alnico 5 magnets, 4-conductor leads for coil splitting, and short leg baseplates to ensure easy direct replacement for most humbucker-routed guitars. They’re also wax potted to remove all internal air space and any chance of microphonic feedback.

  • Position: Treble

  • Magnets: Alnico 5

  • Wiring: 4-Conductor

  • Covers: None

  • Wax Potted

  • Double Black Bobbins

  • Average DC Resistance: 15k

  • Details: Aggressively hot for screaming leads and rowdy rhythm parts, with short leg baseplates for compatibility with most humbucker-routed guitars.

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