PreSonus EarMix 16M Personal Monitor Mixer

SKU: P277-9300-102

16,200 ฿ 18,000 ฿

Designed to work seamlessly with PreSonus' StudioLive Series III family of mixers, yet compatible with other AVB-enabled systems, the PreSonus EarMix™ 16M personal monitor mixer accepts 16 mono channels of input via AVB networking. An aux input admits an external source to the local mix. You get stereo channel linking and channel grouping, along with three-band EQ and limiting for each channel and the main mix, balanced ¼-inch TRS L/R outputs, and a loud, clear headphone amplifier that can drive low impedance devices such as high quality in-ear-monitors. Two AVB jacks enable daisy chaining; network up to 24 units with a StudioLive Series III mixer. The EarMix 16M can be powered from the included external power supply or over Ethernet (PoE) from a compatible switch.


  • 16x2 AVB-networked personal monitor mixer
  • Loud, clear headphone amp that can drive low-impedance in-ear monitors
  • 3-band EQ and limiter on all channels and main mix
  • Stereo channel linking and channel grouping
  • Support for PoE power
  • 2 AVB Ethernet ports; network up to 24 units with a StudioLive Series III mixer

Highlights & Specs

PoE: Remote Power For Networked Devices.

The EarMix 16M can be powered with its included external power supply or over the same Ethernet connection that’s used for AVB network audio. Thanks to Power over Ethernet (PoE), a single cable delivers both digital audio and electrical power. While compatible with any AVB switch that provides PoE, PreSonus’ SW5E five-port AVB switch enables you to connect multiple EarMix 16Ms to the AVB network and provides PoE.

PoE: Remote power for networked devices.
A Complete Networked Solution.

The StudioLive Series III ecosystem of networked products are at the forefront of AVB networking technology. Designed to complement each other, the ecosystem is easily expanded and quickly configured. The EarMix 16M adds simple personal monitoring that can be located anywhere on the network.

A complete networked solution.
The Ultimate Monitoring System.

When combined with a StudioLive Series III rack mixer, the EarMix 16M becomes a complete personal monitoring solution that can be added to any mixing system. Simply connect the outputs of your installed mixer to the StudioLive, route audio via AVB to your EarMix, and you’ll have independent reverb, compression, and more to your monitoring system.

The ultimate monitoring system.
  • Voltage: 24V DC
Headphone Outputs
  • Headphone Outputs Maximum Output: 150 mW /Channel at 60 Ω
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz, +/-0.5 dB

  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.01%, 1 kHz, Maximum Gain, 20 Hz BW, Unweighted
Digital Audio
  • Digital Audio Dynamic Range: 115 dB (A-Weighted, 48 kHz)
  • Supported Sample Rates: 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz

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