Sheeran Looper + Loop Pedal


11,700 ฿ 13,000 ฿

The next generation of powerful, portable, and intuitive workstations, the Sheeran Looper + Loop Pedal is the perfect companion to take on the road, use in the studio, or create tracks at home. Stompable, simple, and easy to use, the Looper + features Ed’s looper workflow in a compact and portable chassis. The die-cast aluminium pedals allow you to swiftly navigate through modes, loops, and FX for you to jam freely, with a focus on performance to showcase your style. Boasting 4 looper modes, a dual-track workflow, and a 1.8” LED screen, you can customise and create your workflow to busk, perform, and create your own tracks that harken back to Ed’s early days.


  • Ed’s Signature Loop Station – Developed directly in collaboration with Ed Sheeran, the Looper + delves into the mind and workflow of the multi-platinum award-winning artist so that you too can loop like Ed in a compact pedal.
  • 4 Intuitive Looper Modes – Loop the way you want with Single, Multi, Sync, and Song modes.
  • Super Powerful – The 32-bit processor gives you a high-powered, high-performance workstation at your feet.
  • Custom DSP Powered By Headrush – Provides high-class leading audio quality that stacks seamlessly when performing on the street.
  • Battery Powered – Included with the Looper + comes 4x AA batteries, making it easier than ever before to take your rig and workstation on the go. Alternatively, you can use a 9V PSU (not included).

Simple Yet Powerful

The Looper + is a professional loop station that is simple at its core. Ed wanted to create a workstation that works instinctively out of the box for you to create music without any faffing around. Its powerful 32-bit audio processor gives you clear and authentic loops for a live-like sound. You can record up to 128 loops and store over 3 hours' worth of audio samples within the Looper + internal storage system. When recording you can hook up the loop station to your computer to import/export loops via USB. Unlock your true potential and stomp to your heart's content with the super-powerful Looper +.

Connecting Your Rig

Designed to create loops as quickly and efficiently as possible, the Looper + will fit in instinctively with your gear. Using the 1/4" XLR input, you can connect external footswitches that can be used for any function to expand your workflow process and flexibility when playing live. The Looper + is set up for dynamic mic use for you to link vocals with your guitar for enhanced versatility using the dual-track looper mode. The USB port and MIDI connection point can be used to transfer loop files from the pedal to the computer and vice versa, as well as install regular firmware updates for an ultimate user experience. The world is your oyster with the Looper +, giving you the ability to stomp how you want!



  • Pedals: Record/ Play Pedal (1), Stop Pedal (2)
  • Display: 1.8” LED Screen
  • Encoder Wheel
  • Control Knob: INST, MIC, MAIN


  • Mic: XLR 1/4"
  • INST: TS 1/4"
  • Main Out: TRS 1/4"
  • EXT FS: TRS 1/4"
  • MIDI IN: 5-Pin DIN
  • USB Connection: 1x USB Ports


  • Power Requirements: 4x AA Batteries (Included), or 9V DC, 0.5 A, Centre Positive (PSU Adapter Not Included)

Looper Modes

  • Single Mode
  • Multi Mode
  • Sync Mode
  • Song Mode


  • Fade, Reverse, Speed, Save, Load, Delete, Logic, Mode, Assign

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