Sheeran Looper X Loop Pedal


49,500 ฿ 55,000 ฿

Looping has never been more simple, designed in collaboration with Ed Sheeran, the Sheeran Looper X Loop Pedal is the ultimate looper workstation for you to be creative and jam with freedom. Intuitive, simple, and fully customisable, the Looper X is a performance-focused loop board with 8 perfectly spaced premium pedals used on Ed’s own stage looper – great for stomping, a high-resolution 7” multi-touch display, 5 looper modes, and the ability to customise your own workflow just like Ed.


  • Ed’s Signature Loop Station – Developed directly in collaboration with Ed Sheeran, the Looper X delves into the mind and workflow of the multi-platinum award-winning artist so that you too can loop like Ed.
  • 5 Intuitive Looper Modes – Loop the way you want with Multi, Sync, Song, Band, and Free modes, and for even more modes to unlock you can hold down the Mode button to discover secret modes for drum loops and length settings.
  • Phantom Powered – The 48V Phantom power enables you to use condenser mics for capturing high-quality audio recordings.
  • 32-Bit Processor - Gives you a high-powered, high-performance workstation at your feet.
  • High-Resolution 7” Display – Similar to the Headrush Prime, the Sheeran Looper X features an incredible multi-touch display to help you easily and intuitively navigate each setting.
  • Multi-Core DSP Powered By Headrush – Loaded with onboard Multi-FX presets where you can customise your own from the 159 different effects to choose from. Alternatively, you can utilise Ed’s own preset that comes fully loaded out of the box.

More Than Just a Loop Station

Loaded within the Looper X’s multi-core DSP 32-bit audio engine are 26 individual and diverse effects, with 9 different racks and up to 159 custom-designed presets for guitar, vocals, percussion, and more. The Looper X has been designed by a multi-talented, award-winning musician, for musicians. You too can be a one-person band, creating and building your own tracks with the extra benefit of adding drums through the 5-pin MIDI connector, the Looper X can do it all.

Customise Your Workflow

It's all about performance. Ed wanted to create a performance machine that put simplicity first for a more barebones approach to music. The Looper X comes loaded with Ed’s personal set-up so that you can just plug in and play without needing to faff about, but once you get the hang of the reins you can start to assign each pedal accordingly to your benefit. Streamline your workflow the way you want, with the benefit of storing over 7 hours' worth of loops directly into the internal storage system. Why is this useful you might ask? By storing previously recorded loops, you can have peace of mind when performing for a seamless playing experience. Stomp the way you want, how you want.



  • Pedals: Track Pedals (1-4), Record/ Play Pedal (5), Stop Pedal (6), Mode Pedal (7), Function Pedal (8)
  • Display: 7” Multi-Touch Screen
  • Encoder Wheel
  • Control Knob: Input Gain, Main Volume, Phones Volume, AUX Volume


  • Combo Inputs: 4x XLR 1/4"
  • Aux Input: TRS 1/8”
  • Phone Input: TRS 1/4”
  • Outputs: 2x XLR & TRS 1/4”
  • Expression Pedal Input: TRS 1/4"
  • MIDI Input: 5-Pin DIN
  • MIDI Out/Thru 5 -Pin DIN
  • SD Card Port: External SD Input
  • USB Connection: USB-B & USB-A Ports


  • Power Requirements: 19V DC, 3.42 A, Centre Positive (PSU Adapter Included)

Looper Modes

  • Multi Mode
  • Sync Mode
  • Song Mode
  • Band Mode
  • Free Mode


  • Load, Save, Peel, Clear All/Clear Track, Exit, Bounce, Multiply, Speed, Back Tracking, Transpose, Fade, Reverse

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