TC Electronic DC30 PreAmp

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6,500 ฿

Dual-Channel Guitar Preamp Faithfully Recreates the Sound of a 1965 Top Boost AC30 in a Pedal with Independent Channel Controls, Pre/Post Boost, Optional Cab Sim and Dedicated Outputs for DI and Headphone

Putting the Great in Great Britain
Putting the Great in Great Britain

The original amp that DC30 built upon is a British amp classic, and among its most notable users you also find a host of the finest British bands in the history of rock ‘n roll.

The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen, The Who and many more brought this amp to the stage as well as in the studio to shape the sound of their music.

Now, DC30 gives you the possibility to tap into that classic vintage sound. You’ll love it. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

As Precise as it Gets

As Precise as it Gets

Our passionate and guitar-playing team of engineers set out to faithfully recreate the original amp with the painstaking accuracy and attention to detail that only guitar players with actual hands-on experience with the original amp can achieve.

At the heart of DC30, our AMPWORX modeling technology works its magic, carefully recreating the classic guitar tone that’s the sum of each and every component from the circuit of the original.

The result? The best and most precise digital amp modeling of this famous amp you have ever run your guitar through.

Stack up on Hard-Rocking Tones
Stack up on Hard-Rocking Tones

We kept the control layout true to the original to not only give you authentic tone, but also a familiar look that makes you feel right at home right out of the box.

From here you can stay classic, or shape tones that will fit beautifully and seamlessly in modern genres, adding a touch of that delicious vintage vibe.

It’s all up to you how you want to tweak DC30, but rest assured that no matter what, you’ll be able to sculpt jaw-dropping guitar tones that are perfect for bending notes as well as minds.

The Cab Ride of Your Dreams
The Cab Ride of Your Dreams

Obviously, the cab speaker is a key component of any combo – DC30 is no exception!

With today’s convolution-based IR technology it is possible to sample the past with great accuracy and authenticity. And we might have done exactly that, only someone else has specialized in this sonic art form – and who would be better at this than the company that has delivered cab speakers for countless classic guitar combos throughout music history: Celestion.

After intensive testing, we decided to integrate the official impulse response of the beloved 2x12 Alnico Blue combo speaker cab. It truly is a tone match made in heaven.


When you plug into DC30 for the first time, it is in the always-on Dual Channel mode. This means you toggle between a green and a red channel. Both channels model the Clean channel of the original amp, but the red one gives you a bit more gain and a slightly different voicing.

If you press BOOST and CHANNEL at the same time, you will change to Bypass mode. Now, DC30 simply works as a stompbox that you can punch in and out whenever you want. The channel that was selected when in Dual Channel mode is the one to be used if you switch to Bypass mode.

Boost Your Tone. Not Your Ego
Boost Your Tone. Not Your Ego

You can use the Boost circuit in two different ways. If you set it in the PRE mode, it will be like having a vintage tubescreamer in front of the amp – the amp will simply be driven even harder when you kick in the Boost.

And if you go for the POST mode, the boost circuit is patched in after the amp, which means that the core of your tone remains unchanged – it just gets louder.

You can even tailor the amount of boost to be added in the Boost Gain control on the rear panel. Think of this as a set-and-forget parameter that you just leave alone once you have found the perfect amount of extra gain for your music.

Three Ways Out
Three Ways Out

Your guitar signal can exit DC30 in three different ways. The DI output includes the cab sim and is ideal if you go directly to a PA system, or if you record through an audio interface.

The OUT jack does not include the cab sim, which is useful for when you go to a combo or an amp with a cab, or when inserting the pedal in the FX Loop on an amplifier.

Finally, the HEADPHONES jack includes the cab sim to give you the perfect silent rehearsal scenario.



1 x ¼" TS, unbalanced

Input impedance

>1 MΩ


1 x ¼" TRS, balanced with ground sensing*

Direct out (cab sim)

1 x ¼" TRS, balanced with ground sensing*

Output impedance

1 kΩ


1 x 1/8" TRS, stereo

Headphones impedance range

>32 Ω

USB port

Mini-B USB connector

Front panel


Top panel




Speaker and cab emulation impulse response

Celestion Alnico Blue,
2 x 12" open back cabinet


Buffered bypass

* Standard, unbalanced TS (mono) cables will work with these connections, but for longer cable runs or when interfacing with balanced equipment like soundcards, mixers, and so on, balanced TRS cables will give much better noise suppression.

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