TC Electronic Dual Wreck PreAmp

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6,500 ฿
Twin-Channel Guitar Preamp Faithfully Recreates the Sound of Legendary Dual Rectifier Tube Amp in a Pedal with Independent Channel Controls, Pre/Post Boost, Optional Cab Sim and Dedicated Outputs for DI and Headphones

If your riffs demand a thunderous low-end punch and great picking articulation - look no further. 

DUAL WRECK is here!  

Utilizing our advanced Ampworx component-based modeling technology, we captured the unmistakable sound and exhilarating experience of the amp that helped shape metal, grunge, and rock music of the 90s. 

Once we achieved the perfect sound and ensured an authentic look and feel, we went a step further by incorporating a few custom modifications that elevate the DUAL WRECK to new heights, while preserving the spirit and distinctive sonic fingerprint of the original amp.

Awe-Inspiring Ampworx
Awe-Inspiring Ampworx

When it comes to digital amp modeling, there are numerous approaches to choose from. However, our main objective was to achieve a seamless coupling of accuracy and simplicity. Instead of throwing hundreds of amp models and versions at you, we focused on replicating a single iconic amplifier with absolute perfection. 

Our goal was to capture the very essence and sonic characteristics of this amp with ultimate precision. We also ensured that the control layout remained intuitive, allowing you to effortlessly navigate your tight and punchy high-gain tones. By eliminating unnecessary complexities, we enable you to fully concentrate on creating the exceptional sound you desire. 

DUAL WRECK perfectly distills the essential elements you would expect from an authentic amplifier and presents them in a compact package with a small footprint, offering the perfect balance of accuracy and simplicity.

Stomp In and Out - or Left and Right
Stomp In and Out - or Left and Right

Right out of the box, V550 is set to Dual Channel mode. This configuration keeps the pedal engaged at all times, granting instant access to each of these unique sonic profiles. 

However, if you prefer a more traditional stompbox experience, we also incorporated a Bypass Mode. Entering this mode allows you to simply stomp the pedal on and off, allowing you to switch between bypass and the channel used before entering Bypass Mode.  

Whether you opt for the versatile Dual Channel mode or prefer the familiar simplicity of the Bypass Mode, DUAL WRECK guarantees unwavering performance and power. The choice is yours - rock out whichever way you prefer! 

Tighten Up
Tighten Up

The original amplifier is renowned for its notable prominent low-end, delivering a satisfyingly robust punch that perfectly complements certain playing styles and music genres. 

However, we understand that there may be instances where this characteristic might be excessive for your preferences. To address this, we've incorporated a TIGHT control, allowing you to fine-tune the balance between fatness and tightness to your taste. 

If you want to maintain the original flavor, simply leave the TIGHT knob at 0 for a completely unaltered representation of the original amp's distinctive sound. 

Built-in V30 speakers
Built-in V30 speakers

You can’t overstate the importance of the cab speaker in a combo setup, and with the revolutionary advancements in convolution-based IR technology, we can now faithfully capture the essence of the past with unparalleled precision and authenticity. 

In our pursuit of delivering the genuine sound, we partnered with the renowned experts in speaker craftsmanship, Celestion, who have been the go-to supplier of cab speakers for countless iconic guitar combos throughout music history. Their expertise and legacy speak for themselves. 

After meticulous evaluation and testing, we arrived at a unanimous decision to integrate the official Celestion impulse response of the legendary Vintage 30 speakers in a closed back 4x12 cab. This harmonious combination produces a divine sonic match that faithfully reproduces every subtle nuance of your riffs and solos with remarkable ease and elegance.

Boost Before or After
Boost Before or After

Among the additional features incorporated into DUAL WRECK, we included a Boost circuit, which significantly enhances its versatility in real-world scenarios. To maximize its versatility, we implemented both PRE and POST modes. 

In the POST mode, the Boost circuit functions as a volume boost, elevating the output level without introducing any alteration to your core tone. It simply provides a transparent and pure increase in volume, allowing your original sound to shine through. 

Switching to the PRE mode repositions the booster before the amp modeler in the signal chain. This setup drives the amplifier with greater intensity, simulating the effect of a vintage tube screamer placed in front of your amp. This introduces a touch of grit and character, delivering a tasteful vintage-style drive. 

With these two modes, the Boost circuit grants you the flexibility to precisely tailor your tone to your exact preferences. Whether you desire a pristine volume boost or a tasteful vintage-style drive, DUAL WRECK allows you to achieve the perfect sound that aligns with whatever musical journey you’re currently on. 

Presence Yourself
Presence Yourself

By incorporating a global PRESENCE knob on the rear panel, DUAL WRECK is able to adapt to any musical scenario you may encounter. Recognizing the likelihood of pairing this pedal with a diverse array of amplifiers, cabinets and pedals, we introduced this convenient and universal control, enabling you to establish the overall sonic direction. 

If the default setting aligns perfectly with your sonic preferences, there is no need for further adjustments. However, if you desire a subtle touch of brilliance or a bit of additional warmth to match your personal tone desires, simply fine-tune the PRESENCE knob to your liking. 

The global PRESENCE control empowers you to shape and refine your tone, seamlessly integrating with your equipment. It provides the flexibility to express your playing with zero compromises. 

Multiple Exits
Multiple Exits

DUAL WRECK offers a range of versatile output options. When utilizing the HEADPHONES or DI outputs, the integrated cabinet impulse response (IR) delivers an authentic tone directly to your ears or audio interface. This feature proves invaluable for silent rehearsals, recording sessions, and live performances, where the DI output can be directly connected to a mixing desk. 

If you prefer to connect DUAL WRECK to an amplifier or utilize it with a dedicated Cabinet IR Loader, the Line OUT option excludes the built-in cabinet simulation. This grants you the flexibility to customize and fine-tune your sound to match your specific preferences and setup. 

It's important to note that all the outputs can be utilized simultaneously. For example, a common scenario could involve feeding your amp on stage using the Line OUT while simultaneously sending a cab-simulated feed via the DI output to the front-of-house (FOH) or a PA system. This guarantees consistent and high-quality sound distribution throughout your performance. 

Awesome Authenticity
Awesome Authenticity

The passionate engineering (and guitar-playing) team here at TC Electronic knew exactly what to aim for. Our goal went beyond technical measurements, as we also wanted to capture the authentic and genuine feel. We’re super-proud of DUAL WRECK because we believe we've hit that mark.  

However, what truly matters is YOUR experience with DUAL WRECK. When you plug into this pedal, it evokes the same feelings and emotions as when you play through the original amp. That's how we know our mission is successfully accomplished! 



1 x ¼" TS, unbalanced

Input impedance

>1 MΩ


1 x ¼" TRS, balanced with ground sensing *

Direct out (cab sim)

1 x ¼" TRS, balanced with ground sensing *

Output impedance

1 kΩ


1 x 1/8" TRS, stereo

Headphones impedance range

>32 Ω

USB port

Mini-B USB connector

Front panel


Top panel




Speaker and cab emulation impulse response

Celestion Vintage 30, 4 x 12" closed cabinet


Buffered bypass

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